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NADO, IEDC and EDA online scan tool for FY 2011 disasters in the region
Department of Commerce
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The NADO Research Foundation and the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) have
partnered with the EDA Atlanta and Philadelphia regions to provide training and technical assistance
that supports disaster recovery, resiliency, and capacity development for communities impacted by FY
2011 natural disasters.
In order to deliver the most effective set of resources and services, we have developed an online scan to
learn more about the impact of FY 2011 disaster(s) on your region. We are also interested in learning
more about your region’s current economic recovery needs and priorities. Please take 10-15 minutes to
complete this brief scan, which can be accessed here by clicking here or visiting The information being collected is
Your input is critical in determining the type of services and resources we may direct toward your
community. In addition to the scan, we will be reviewing national data to develop a deeper
understanding of the impact of FY 2011 disasters on local communities and their economies in the EDA
Atlanta and Philadelphia regions. Once this needs assessment is complete, we will be offering various
types of leadership training, technical assistance, and case studies about best practices of disaster
recovery and resiliency. Over the coming months we will have more information about the particulars
of the training and other project deliverables.
We really appreciate your participation in this scan. If you have any questions about this scan, feel free
to contact NADO Deputy Executive Director Laurie Thompson ( or send an email
to Thank you in advance for your participation and input.