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Michigan Great Lakes Bay
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Great Lakes Bay Sites is an economic development database with demographics, details about businesses, initiatives, sites, buildings and other valuable data specific to the Michigan Region

Organizational Description and Contact Info:
The economic development organizations of Arenac, Bay, Clare, Gladwin, Gratiot, Isabella, Midland and Saginaw counties have come together to create an extended Great Lakes Bay Region partnership.

Collaboration is a competitive tool that the Great Lakes Bay Region (GLBR) will use to improve the way we affect our communities. This strategic partnership between local economic development organizations, MEDC, and state agencies will allow our region to set mutually beneficial goals and share best practices and information. Our region understands the importance of addressing our commonalities to ensure that our efforts make the most positive impact for all.

The goal of extending the Great Lakes Bay Region is to:
1. Develop a seamless, integrated network of economic development resources to enhance the region’s expansion, attraction, innovation, and retention efforts.
2. Expedite the deployment of state and regional resources, programs and technical assistance to businesses in the region.
3. Collaborate and synergize on pivotal projects within the region.

The Great Lakes Bay Region desires to promote collaboration amongst our communities and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. This new regional partnership will help do that. Together we will build a stronger, more stable Great Lakes Bay Region economy that builds on our historical strengths and utilizes our combined resources to pave the future. For our region to continue to grow in an incredibly competitive marketplace, it is all about collaboration. The region as a whole will lead to more jobs, investment and growth than the sum of its individual parts.

Arenac County - Michigan Works! Phone: (989) 846-2111
Bay County - Bay Future, Inc. Phone: (989) 892-1400
Clare County & Isabella County - Middle Michigan Development Corp. Phone: (989) 772-2858
Gladwin County Economic Development Corp. Phone: (989) 426-8571
Gratiot County - Greater Gratiot Development Inc. Phone: (989) 875-2083
Midland County - Midland Tomorrow Phone: (989) 839-0340
Saginaw County - Saginaw Future Inc. Phone: (989) 754-8222