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Puerto Rican Firm Enters New Markets Due to Ex-Im Bank's Insurance
Mon, 2012-04-16 12:15

Exporter: B & B Manufacturing – Bayamon, Puerto Rico
Destination: Latin and Central America and the Caribbean
Jobs Supported: 5
B & B Manufacturing, of Bayamon, Puerto Rico, manufactures wiring and electronic equipment for motor vehicles. Established in 1985, this 50-employee small business relies on exports for half of its sales. It has customers in Latin and Central America as well as the Caribbean.

The company has been using the small business export credit multi-buyer policy for the past 15 years to extend credit to its international buyers. The policy has covered about 16 buyers totaling over $1 million credit of sales annually. Ex-Im Bank support has contributed five new jobs at B & B and has supported many others.

"Ex-Im Bank helped us enter new markets. The insurance offers stability to be aggressive in offering credit," states Marta Burguera, Executive VP.