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Quick Facts

All 50 states contributed to the record-setting $2.2 trillion value of exports in 2012.

New-home sales jumped in January, a sign that the housing recovery is accelerating.

New policies will accelerate scientific breakthroughs, innovation, economic growth and job creation.


U.S. home building surged in December to finish the year with the most new homes started since 2008.

The House passed a package of recovery and related aid for Superstorm Sandy and other disasters

US exports to Africa, home to 6 of the 10 fastest growing countries. Visit

The amount foreign visitors spent visiting the U.S. in September, a 4% increase over September 2011.

The amount of money earned by all US residents in 2011

U.S. military veterans own 2.4 million businesses, or nearly 1 in 10 of all businesses nationwide.

The amount Veteran-owned businesses generate in receipts; employ nearly 5.8 million people.