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Veterans Economic Communities Initiative

The Veterans Economic Communities Initiative (VECI) aims to increase the number of education and employment opportunities for Veterans and their families through a network of support at the community level.

The full list of VECI communities can be viewed here. New communities being launched in early 2016 are denoted with an asterisk, and do not yet have an economic liaison assigned to their location:

Building Community Support Networks
Economic Liaisons in each VECI community will collaborate with government leaders, businesses, educational
institutions, and nonprofi t organizations to help build an integrated network of support and resources for
Veterans and their families.

Economic Liaisons will:
• Raise awareness of the benefi ts of investing in Veterans.
• Equip employers with information and tools that will help them hire and retain Veteran employees.
• Work with community partners and policy experts to fi nd ways to overcome education and career
challenges that Veterans and their families face.
• Encourage educational institutions to help Veterans use their education benefi ts to gain the skills they
need for career success.
• Make connections among the numerous community organizations that serve Veterans and their
families to maximize their impact.

Driving Success for Veterans and Communities Nationwide
Access to resources and support will empower Veterans and their families to return enormous value to their
communities. Using their GI Bill® and other benefits, they will become students, homeowners, entrepreneurs,
employees, and community leaders. This not only creates stability and opportunity for Veterans, but also boosts
the community’s economy and ability to attract more Veterans to its workforce.
VECI communities will serve as models for other communities to follow, so that Veterans and their families
nationwide have the opportunities and support they need to achieve economic success.

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