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The Alabama Small Business Development Center Network has developed an online small business university which offers a collection of twenty-two online courses designed to teach entrepreneurs the “3Ms"—Money, Marketing, and Management. This is done through a no-frills curriculum that provides small businesses with real world tools and information. It provides businesses with the management fundamentals needed to fund, market, and grow a business.

The online delivery method of SmallBizU allows you to progress at your own pace. Each course is delivered via the internet full of animated slides accompanied by voice-over narration, PowerPoint presentations, worksheets, toolsets, and access to a comprehensive knowledgebase. In keeping with the theme of practicality, each course also comes complete with a SmallBizU "Crash Course." The Crash Course is designed to be a quick overview about the body of knowledge found in the course itself. It takes into account information you provide to deliver just the content you desire.

The SmallBizU branded content is delivered through small business champions, chambers of commerce, economic development organizations, and other business development organizations throughout the United States.

At some point, every organization must be entrepreneurial if it expects to grow. There is no way to grow a business over the long-term through cost cutting-you can't shrink your way to greatness. Conversely, simply growing for the sake of being big is not the answer either-size is not a strategy. The only long-term sustainable strategy is to grow the top line. This requires entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is about economic creativity. As a discipline, entrepreneurship has the power to transcend all organizations. The term refers not to an enterprise's size or age but to a certain kind of activity. At the heart of that activity is innovation: the effort to create purposeful, focused change in a venture's economic or social potential. Entrepreneurship is not magic, it's not mysterious, and it has nothing to do with genes. It's a discipline. And, like any discipline, it can be learned and improved upon.

SmallBizU is for those individuals seeking thought-leadership. Designed specifically for small businesses, this online university seeks to instill a formal business intelligence-the capacity to solve problems, meet challenges, and create valued products. Those abilities break down into three basic domains: the ability to learn and to think strategically, the essential crafts we learn to get work done, and the ability to manage ourselves and our relationships.

SmallBizU tells you how it's actually done in a small business not in a textbook. The creators of the courses have all honed their skills in the trenches of real small businesses.

From new ventures, to business managers, to entrepreneurs, to master level classes, SmallBizU has a range of courses across all functional areas of small business. Large corporations have their own training departments-now you have your own just-in-time desktop university with SmalllBizU.

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