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Political Risk Insurance


Overseas Private Investment Corporation

Investing in emerging markets can be unpredictable, even for the most sophisticated investors. While developing markets can offer great opportunity, they can also present a variety of political risks beyond an investor’s control. Among them:
War, civil strife, coups and other acts of politically-motivated violence including terrorism
Expropriation, including abrogation, repudiation and/or impairment of contract and other improper host government interference
Restrictions on the conversion and transfer of local-currency earnings

OPIC’s insurance – combined with our financing options -- allows U.S. businesses to take advantage of commercially attractive opportunities in emerging markets, mitigating risk and helping them compete in a global marketplace. OPIC insurance provides innovative, comprehensive, and cost-effective risk-mitigation products to cover losses to tangible assets, investment value, and earnings that result from political perils.
Political risk insurance is available to U.S. investors, lenders, contractors, exporters, and NGOs for investments in 150 developing countries, including high-risk countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Coverage is offered for small and large investments that provide positive developmental benefits.

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