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VA Verification Assessment Tool

Congratulations for making the decision to employ the Verification Assessment Tool. In fiscal year (FY) 2011, the Department of Veterans Affairs awarded more than three and a half billion dollars to veteran-owned small business and service disabled veteran-owned small business and we expect we will be just as successful this FY. In order to be eligible for these set-a-side awards you must be verified as a legitimately owned and controlled (VOSB/SDVOSB) and entered into the Center for Veterans Enterprise (CVE) Veteran Information Pages (VIP) database.

The Vendor Information Pages (VIP) database of Veteran-owned small businesses and service-disabled Veteran-owned small businesses, available on, is managed by VA's Center for Veterans Enterprises (CVE). To be included in the VIP database, all small businesses must have owners status verified as a Veteran or service-disabled Veteran and must also be examined for ownership and control by one or more Veterans or service-disabled Veterans.

CVE realizes that the verification process can be challenging for some, in an effort to aid our (VOSBs/SDVOSBs) with the verification process and applicability of the Veteran’s First policies, we have developed the Verification Assessment Tool. The Verification Assessment Tool is a firm’s assessment, designed to provide the (VOSBs/SDVOSBs) the opportunity to freely navigate the verification process, while gaining expert knowledge in the areas of eligibility and requirements as it pertains to your specific business.

CVE encourages all (VOSBs/SDVOSBs) to pilot the Verification Assessment Tool prior to applying for entry into the Veteran Information Pages (VIP) database. Our goal is to make your Verification Assessment Tool experience and productive. We believe it will greatly improve your chances of a successful verification process.

The core requirements for a small business to become verified are:

The Veteran owner(s) have direct and unconditional ownership of at least 51% of the small business (38 CFR 74.3) and have total unconditional control (full decision making authority (38 CFR 74.4(g));
The Veteran manages the company on both a strategic policy and a day-to-day basis (38 CFR 74.4);
The Veteran holds the highest officer position (38 CFR 74.4(c)(2));
The Veteran should be the highest compensated employee unless there is a logical explanation otherwise, submitted by the Veteran as to how taking a lower salary than other employee(s) helps the business (38 CFR 74.4(g)(3)); and
The Veteran has the managerial experience of the extent and complexity needed to manage the company.

As you go through the assessment tool, we appreciate your feedback. We highly recommend that you print a copy of each page that indicates you may have a potential denial issue based on your answer to the questions so that you can address each of the concerns prior to applying for verification. You can PRINT each page before you click the [Next] or [Done] button by using your browser's print page features.

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