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U.S. Commercial Service took part in International Nutrition & Diagnostics Conference in 2011. For more information on upcoming conference please visit
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U.S. Commercial Service took part in International Nutrition & Diagnostics Conference in 2011. For more information on upcoming conference please visit

U.S. Companies Take Part in 11th International Nutrition & Diagnostics Conference (INDC) in Brno

August 28 – 31, 2011

Conference focuses on relationship between nutrition and clinical diagnostics.

Four U.S. companies take part in U.S. Commercial Service catalog fair at INDC conference on August 28—31, 2011, and display their catalogs at the U.S. Commercial Service booth. U.S. companies participating at the catalog fair are looking for partners/distributors in the Czech Republic.

More information about the companies is available below or you can contact Commercial Counselor Stuart Schaag will participate on INDC program on Monday, August 28.
Dr. Tevsijk is the International Sales Department of various cosmeceutical and pharmaceutical companies; the company specializes in connecting businesses around the world. The products cover following areas:

Natural Products & Food Supplements,

Prebiotics, Probiotics & Fruitbiotics,

Energy Boosters,

Immune System Enhancer,

Natural Hair Dyes,

Hair Loss Treatments,

Personal Hygiene Products.

More information is available on
Earth’s Creation is dietary supplement and cosmetics manufacturer. Dietary supplements cover following areas: sports nutrition, vitamins, calcium formulas, diet supplements, food supplements, herbs, joint support, minerals, sexual  health, health supplements and vitamin E. Beauty product lines include Derma-Divine [HA+] anti-aging cream and Liquid Collagen with Vitamin C formula. More information is available on
The Catalyst Group, based in Joliet, IL has two operating divisions: Incubation Services (TCG-IS) and Manufacturer Representation Services (TCG-MRS). TCG-IS provides client companies seed funding as well as sales, marketing and management expertise.

Current clients: Aeronomics (wind turbine blades); Magna- Motors (rare earth magnet based portable generators); Elementum Energy Systems (micro grid electrical power generation, transmission and distribution); Premier Plating (industrial plating/coatings); The Calabria Foundation (global, low cost healthcare services); Star Rotor (desalination/water purification solutions).

TCG-MRS represents the products of: Regeneca International (high end, all natural, nutritional supplements); MPG Industries (industrial lubricants, industrial cleaners, water reclamation & fuel additives); National Eagles & Angels Association (venture capital funding); Beacon Power (large scale electricity storage solutions). More information is available on,,
Victoria World Wide Business Connections is a company founded in 2001 that can put several pharmaceutical companies at your disposal. The main office is located in Miami, Florida, USA. The manufacturers the company works with use the latest technology to manufacture the following products: 

Effervescent line of natural & OTC products,

All kinds of nutritional supplements including vitamins, minerals and herbal products in capsule, tablet or powder form,

Suppositories and contraceptive ovules,

 A line of liquid supplements.

More information is available on