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Services Marketing


May 27, 2014|12:00pm - 01:00pm EDT


United States
Services now dominate in our economy. But how do we sell the intangible? In our highly competitive environment the key to success lies in understanding how to better connect with people a dimprove processes. This webinar will touch on the 7 P's of Services Marketing and provide insights on how to improve sales in your service business.

To connect to the Web conference, go to, enter Meeting Number 888-844-9904 and Access Code 6645489.

To connect to the audio by phone, dial 888-844-9904 and enter the Access Code above.

If you experience problems getting on the session, please contact Sheri Weston in the North Dakota SBA office at 701-239-5131 x.210 or
Contact: Brittany Sickler