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Small Business Round Table


May 13, 2014|09:00am - 10:30am EDT


297 DCCC Road Rittling Conference Center Room 202
Thomasville, NC, United States
Managing Across Generations. For the first time in the history of corporate America, there are four generations active in the workplace. Each has characteristics that make them unique, based on common interests, experiences and events. These characteristics cut across race, gender and economic lines, and appear to be consistent across industrialized countries worldwide. The ability to communicate across multiple generations is critical and occurs through applying knowledge of the generations and an understanding of what it takes to be effective. This is particularly important during career search. More and more we will interview or network with those of a different generation, with different styles, motivations and values. This session will address the four major generations in the workplace, their values and motivations, and help us to be more effective in communicating across generational lines.
Contact: SBC
(336) 224-4557

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