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My Next Move for Veterans

In My Next Move for Veterans, veterans will find a simple and quick search where they enter their prior military experience and link to the information they need to explore information on civilian careers and related training. The original My Next Move tool launched February 2011. Retaining the readily accessible user search features and the easy-to-read one-page occupation profile, the My Next Move for Veterans Web site adds a streamlined and easy-to-use search feature that allows transitioning veterans to enter their branch of service and their military occupation using either a code, title, or a keyword. My Next Move for veterans also permits users to search for jobs by occupation, by industry, and provides a link to the O*NET Interest Profiler. Transitioning veterans who take taken the upcoming Transition Assistant Program curriculum can enter their interest profile scores into the on-line O*NET Profiler and explore careers that match their interests. Each occupation that a user selects has an easy-to-read, one-page profile, including information about what knowledge, skills, and abilities are needed; occupational outlook; level of education required; technologies used within the occupation; and other similar jobs. In addition, each occupation page includes direct links to local salary information, training opportunities, and relevant job openings.

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