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The goal of the Census Bureau's Partnership and Data Services (PDS) Program is to expand data dissemination among the widest breadth of customers, including traditional and nontraditional data users, in order to educate partners on how to access, use and apply census data to meet their organization (including business) or community needs. The data dissemination staff are a critical component of the Bureau's data dissemination outreach efforts in communities across the country. While the program is designed to reach out to all segments of the population, special emphasis is placed on working with the hard-to-count populations, as they are often not considered traditional data users and generally have not recognized how the data can be used to achieve their community, business or personal needs. The program will also provide support to enhance community awareness of and participation in current and ongoing surveys and other censuses, and work collaboratively with partners and others to support census activities through public awareness campaigns. For a map of the PDS regions, visit:

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