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Welcome to the Country Trade Leads Portal. Please type in a country name to find trade leads, research, and other resources related to exporting to the selected country.

The number next to the country name signifies the number of trade leads available in that country






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                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  Where does the data come from?

                  The data comes from vendors that license the data, U.S. government sources, government sources from the countries listed on this page, and from the companies themselves. The data is vetted by the vendors and the government ministries.

                  How often is the data updated?

                  We get quarterly updates from the vendors who license us the data. Data received from government sources and companies is updated when those authenticated users enter it.

                  How accurate is the data?

                  The data is licensed from vendors whose job it is to ensure accuracy, however this data will change all the time. While we have done everything possible to ensure accuracy, the data is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate.