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League of Green Embassies
Brussels, Belgium

In April 2011, the Commercial Service (CS), Belgium, the Alliance to Save Energy (ASE), and the League of Green Embassies unveiled the energy-efficiency makeover at the 230-year-old, 16,000 square foot Brussels residence of U.S. Ambassador to Belgium Howard W. Gutman, the first in a planned series of energy-efficiency makeovers in US Embassy properties.

The goal of the event was to showcase the variety of upgrades, to emphasize the U.S. Government‘s efforts on energy efficiency and climate change, showcase US technologies and set the stage for additional embassy residence makeovers.

The unveiling of the residence’s green upgrade took place during a VIP reception hosted by Ambassador Gutman and ASE. The event was attended by 400 American and European clean-tech executives and officials. View a video of this event.

Companies which participated in the upgrades are listed below. Total product value amounts to $185,000. The top-to-bottom makeover, which used on average up to 25% less energy during the first week after installation, maintained the residence’s historic features and décor.

  • Johnson Controls: interactive kiosk and one boiler (combo heating/ hot water)
  • 3M: Installment of solar control (heat rejecting) window films on the outside pane of each glass window
  • Schneider Electric : Power Meters, Current Transformers (CT), IO card for Gas usage, Web enable energy monitoring
  • Whirlpool: Donation: Green Generation appliances for auxiliary kitchen and Kitchen Aid. Small appliances for chef’s kitchen
  • Philips: LED, CFL and halogen light bulbs
  • Knauf Insulation: Standard residential insulation material (particularly for the attic)
  • Danfoss LLC: New radiator values and automatic sensors, thermostats, and a remote control system

THE League of Green Embassies is a USG initiative promoting energy efficiency in the green building sector by retrofitting U.S. embassies with the most efficient technologies. Embassies are a powerful force for introducing innovative solutions, influencing individuals and institutions in host countries, and play an important role in mobilizing public opinion and action. The vision of the League, a collaboration of the departments of State and Commerce, is to stimulate economic growth, promote green building exports by demonstrating the effectiveness of U.S. technologies, and stimulate U.S. investment in clean energy and environmental technologies, while addressing energy security. The League reflects the commitment of its members, now numbering 70, to reduce operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions of embassies and related properties. Membership is open to foreign embassies. The League was established in 2007 by Michael M. Wood, former U.S. Ambassador to Sweden. U.S. Ambassador to Finland, Bruce Oreck is the current League of Green Embassies Chairman. Ambassador Oreck launched the green makeover program in partnership with the Alliance to Save Energy. See