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Webinars/Seminars for

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Exporters

Webinar – Renewable Energy Market in Thailand

November 2013

Description: The US Commercial Service in Bangkok presents on YouTube this webinar about prospects for renewable energy in Thailand.

Webinar - Working with USTDA and Energy Sector Contracting Opportunities for U.S. Companies

February 25, 2013

Description: The U.S. Trade and Development Agency held a free webinar on contracting opportunities within the energy sector, including current and upcoming activities. The presentation slides and audio recording are now available online.

Webinar - China’s Smart Grid: Status of Standards Development and the Market

February 12, 2013

Description: The U.S. Trade and Development Agency held a free webinar that shared insight from three recent smart grid development projects by U.S. companies in China. The presentation and audio recording are now available online.

Webinar - Saudi Arabia's Electricity Market and Opportunities for Smart Grid Exporters

January 31, 2012

Description: Saudi Arabia offers abundant opportunities to U.S. companies that can provide the technologies and services necessary to meet growing electricity demand and contribute to the Saudi government's ambitious plans to improve energy efficiency. In coordination with the upcoming Clean Energy & Energy Efficiency Trade Mission to Saudi Arabia, the Department of Commerce invited U.S. companies in the electric power systems, smart grid, and energy efficiency industries to participate in a webinar on Saudi Arabia's electricity market and opportunities in the smart grid and energy efficiency sectors. The webinar featured a briefing by Middle East energy industry experts from Business Monitor International who presented on the business and regulatory environment for Saudi Arabia's electricity market. Participants also heard from industry and market experts from the Department of Commerce in Washington and the U.S. Embassy in Riyadh.

Presentation materials

Webinar - Opportunities for U.S. Companies in Brazil's Energy Sector

November 10, 2011

Description: Brazil currently sources more than 86% of its power generation from renewable energy sources and has mandated an expansion of more than 14 GW of small hydro, wind and biomass by 2020. Brazil’s economy is growing quickly, with an expanding middle class, and its energy demand is following this same trajectory. This webinar, featuring experts from Rio, São Paulo, and Recife, was co-organized by the International Trade Administration and the Brazil-U.S. Business Council as part of the Market Development Cooperator Program project “Export Green: Brazil.”

Presentation materials

Seminar - U.S. Government Resources for Exporters

September 22, 2011

Description: Hosted at the Renewable Energy Technology (RETECH) Conference and Expo in Washington, DC, each panelist presented information from their respective agencies about specific programs of interest to RE exporters.

Webinar - Geothermal Opportunities in Indonesia: Targets for U.S. Exports and Investment

June 16, 2011

Description: Indonesia is estimated to have approximately 40% of the world's geothermal energy reserves. Over the last five years, Indonesia installed 400 MW of geothermal capacity bringing its total up to 1,179 MW. That level of growth in the amount of installed geothermal capacity is second only to the United States. By 2012, additional installed capacity of 1,030 MW is expected from the development of new geothermal power plants and expansion of several existing power plants. The Government of Indonesia has also set a target of 9,500 MW of installed geothermal capacity by 2025. U.S. companies have the expertise and technologies to help Indonesia meet this target.

Webinar - Business Opportunities in Brazil: Trade Mission for Green Companies

May 18, 2011

Description: Co-organized by the International Trade Administration and the Brazil-U.S. Business Council as part of the Market Development Cooperator Program project “Export Green: Brazil.” This webinar outlined the demand for U.S. green technologies in the growing Brazilian market, identified market entry strategies and challenges, and provided information about how the Export Green Trade Mission.

Other Export Green presentation materials: