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S Commercial Service Logo

Meet International Business Partners Via Video Conferencing

The Virtual Matchmaker Program offers the busy executive a cost-effective way to explore an overseas market and meet international business prospects and market experts.

Virtual Matchmakers are industry specific and allow companies the opportunity to get answers to their market questions in an interactive, two-hour video conference.

The Virtual Trade Mission Program Offers:

  • Opportunities to explore international markets without leaving the country
  • Real time market entry evaluations of your company's product or service
  • Face-to-face meetings via video conferencing with pre-screened business partners
  • Direct answers to your industry/company-specific questions
  • Dialogue with in-country trade and industry professionals
  • Interactive industry-focused group briefing at a convenient location
  • Virtual appointments tailored to your company's specific needs

What Our Clients Tell Us:

"What is truly remarkable is that World Franchise Solutions did not fly thousands of miles around the world, through 18 time zones, nor incur hotel and related expenses, nor lose time away from the business in the United States, but simply spent $3 travelling to the local Department of Commerce office."

Paul Carinie
President and CEO
World Franchise Solutions
New York, New York

To set up a Virtual Trade Mission, contact an Export Assistance Center near you.