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What is a Shippers’ Association?

The American Institute for Shippers’ Associations, Inc. defines Shippers’ Associations as:

"Shippers' Associations generally are non-profit transportation membership cooperatives which arrange for the domestic or international shipment of members' cargo. Associations will contract for the physical movement of the cargo with motor carriers, railroads, ocean carriers, air carriers, and others. The ability to aggregate cargo and ship the collective membership cargo at favorable volume rates is the key to the existence of the modern day Shippers' Association."

Shippers’ associations allow multiple shippers to pool their volumes in order to increase shipment volumes. With a larger shipment volume, the shippers’ association may be able to negotiate volume discounts or service contracts with ocean carriers on behalf of its members.

How can I find Shipper’s Associations?

Shipper’s Associations can be located in many local business telephone directories or by searching the web.

The following list is provided for your benefit. U.S. companies should evaluate all shipping options and determine which one is best suited for their situation.