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Shipping Your Product Overseas

Handling and Determining Method of Shipping

Talk to your freight forwarder for their advice on whether you should ship by sea, air, rail or a combination? There are many considerations when selecting a method of shipping and specifying the handling of your shipment.

Learn about the Mandatory Screening of Cargo on Passenger Flights

Packing Your Products for Shipment

Exporters should keep four potential problems in mind when designing an export shipping crate: breakage, moisture, pilferage and excess weight. View these tips on product packaging for overseas transport.


Learn how to correctly label your shipments to insure they get where they need to go.

Insuring Your Shipments

Damaging weather conditions, rough handling by carriers, and other common hazards to cargo make insurance an important protection for U.S. exporters

Shipping Agricultural Products

Learn how to ship your agricultural products and the documentation required by both the U.S. and the country of destination

Personal Shipments and Gifts

For some general considerations and useful links, visit our Personal Shipment FAQ page. For more information, contact your shipper for directions related to private shipments.