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Introductory Level Resources

Introductory level webinars and training resources provided here are designed for the counselor who is relatively new to global market issues but recognizes that exporting is a key challenge and opportunity for your clients and you are interested in learning more.

The two links below represent the key components of Introductory-level export assistance preparation.

Once you’ve become familiar with these resources you can test yourself with the online Introductory Level competency exam.

Introductory Level Exam

While Introductory Certification is not recognized as meeting Jobs Act requirements for SBA Resource Partner counselor certification on international trade, it is considered to be a sign of interest in pursuing a deeper expertise, and a stepping stone for reaching an Intermediate Certification level

Other Useful Resources



On-line Training

For more information about export and trade counselor certification for SBA affiliated small business counselors, please contact your SBDC Lead Center or WBC Program Director.


National Export Initiative