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Financing is critical for securing or completing an export contract. Terms offered by commercial banks are not always sufficient to meet the needs of U.S. exporters. Non-payment by foreign buyers, caused by commercial or political risks, can also be a serious concern for U.S. exporters that is remedied through government backed export insurance.

Trade Finance

Environmental Exports Program from the Export-Import Bank of the United States (Ex-Im Bank) offers enhanced financial support, including:

  • Export Working Capital Guarantee Program enables exporters to finance materials, labor, and overhead to produce goods or services for export.
  • Maximum OECD repayment term for Long-Term Loans
  • Guarantees of 18 years after project completion
  • Capitalization of interest during construction
  • Up to 30% local cost support within the U.S. scope of supply.

Project Finance

Project finance through direct loans and loan guarantees Ex-Im Bank and the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) – provides medium- and long-term financing through direct loans or loan guarantees for large- and small-scale projects involving U.S. investors in emerging markets.

Structured Finance Loan Guaranties – provide medium- to long-term financing through loan guarantees for those projects in need of significant capital, such as infrastructure projects. These guarantees are issued to U.S. banks funding the project up to $250 million per project.

: U.S. businesses with annual revenues over $250 million. Please refer to the OPIC Finance Eligibility Checklist for more details.

Ex-Im Bank Project and structured finance through direct loans – involve long term arrangements for funding large U.S. investments that emphasize exports in both developed and emerging markets, assessed project cash flows or corporate balance sheet risk.

Limited recourse project finance: The Ex-Im Bank lends to newly created project companies and looks to the project’s future cash flows as the company’s source of repayment instead of relying directly on foreign governments, financial institutions or established corporations for repayment of the debt. 

: Greenfield projects and significant facility or production expansions; no country or project dollar limits.

Structured finance: The Ex-Im Bank can consider existing foreign companies as potential borrowers based on their creditworthiness as reflected on their balance sheet and other sources of collateral or security enhancements.

: Both large and small projects.

Insurance Products

Short Term Environmental Export Insurance provides the exporter with the ability to offer credit terms to its foreign customers for up to 180 days. The features include:

  • 95% commercial coverage and 95% political coverage with no deductible
  • Advance deposit of $500
  • Enhanced provision for assignment of insured receivables

Standard Export credit insurance from Ex-Im Bank enables U.S. exporters to offer short- and medium-term credit directly to their customers during the pre-and post-shipment phases.

Political risk insurance (OPIC) – is used to mitigate political or sovereign risks for U.S. investors, operators, and lenders (e.g., expropriation, political violence, currency inconvertibility, and breach of contracts with foreign government-owned entities, such as power purchase agreements and concessions) associated with doing business in emerging markets.