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Environmental Technologies Export Market Plans



The Environmental Trade Working Group (ETWG) of the Trade Promotion Coordinating Committee (TPCC) identified a number of foreign markets in which enhanced U.S. government programs and services could support increased deployment of U.S. environmental solutions. Based on extensive examination of global markets for environmental goods and services, trade flows, and current policy initiatives, this report represents one in a series of Environmental Technologies Export Market Plans. These documents outline the environmental needs of key foreign markets and the U.S. government programs that will be utilized to support U.S. industry in addressing those needs.


On May 14, 2012, four cabinet-level U.S. government officials, Commerce Secretary Bryson, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Jackson, U.S. Trade Representative Kirk, and Agriculture Secretary Vilsack, outlined a renewed U.S. government approach to fostering environmental exports. This Environmental Export Initiative leverages the expertise and resources of U.S. government agencies to support U.S. companies capable of exporting goods and services relevant to air pollution control, solid/hazardous waste management, and water/wastewater treatment. This project supports the goals of President Obama’s National Export Initiative (NEI) and advances U.S. environmental protection, diplomatic and international development objectives.

The TPCC is composed of senior officials representing 20 U.S. government agencies, chaired by the Secretary of Commerce. Its purpose is to coordinate the export promotion and export financing activities of the U.S. government and to develop government-wide strategic plans for carrying out such programs. Agencies represented within the TPCC’s ETWG developed and will implement the Environmental Export Initiative.

Select from the following plans:





Saudi Arabia