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We seek to partner with public and private sector organizations and businesses that:

  • Are established organizations or businesses (generally with a history of three or more years in operation).
  • Demonstrate established relationships with customers and/or members that are appropriate targets for ITA promotional campaigns.
  • Demonstrate an established reach in terms of raw numbers to the U.S. business community and general public.
  • Demonstrate a willingness to engage both customers/members with whom it has established relationships - and the general public - in carrying out the proposed project.
  • Demonstrate a focus that is consistent with the goals and mission of the agency.
  • Pass a basic background vetting for potential conflicts and appearance issues.
  • Purpose of partnership is not to sell a product but to increase US competitiveness and expand trade and inward investment.

Our partnership programs are designed to enhance promotion of U.S. exports in line with the President’s National Export Initiative (NEI), while simultaneously benefiting our partner businesses and organizations by facilitating their ability to offer enhanced value-added services to their customers and members. To learn more, contact us at: