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Licensing Process Step-By-Step

Company wants to sell nuclear technology and services to a foreign country.

1. Question: Does Part 810 apply? If yes, continue to step 1A. If no, jump to question 2.
A - File for PART 810 Authorization with DOE.
B - After review and DOE grants authorization. Please jump to continue to question 5.

2. Question: Does Part 110 apply? If yes, continue to step 2A. If no, jump to question 3. Please note that the country that wants to purchase the goods or services must have a 123 Agreement with the U.S.
A - File for a Part 110 export license with NRC.
B - After review and NRC issues an export license. Please continue to question 3.

3. Question: Is the activity subject to the EAR? If yes, continue to step 3A. If no, jump to step 4.
A - File for an export license with BIS.
B - After review and BIS issues an export license, please continue to step 5.

4. If your product is not subject to Part 810, Part 110, or the EAR, please continue to step 5.

5. Begin exporting civil nuclear technology products and services.

For more information, please contact the Office of Energy and Environmental Industries for assistance.