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Making Trade Agreements Work for You

The Office of Trade Agreements Negotiation and Compliance (TANC) helps make trade agreements work for American exporters and investors. Its officers work to eliminate foreign government-imposed trade barriers by supporting U.S. efforts to negotiate new international trade agreements, and by working to ensure that existing agreements deliver the market access and fair treatment promised.

Through participation in U.S. trade policymaking and coordination of the ITA Trade Agreements Compliance Program, TANC focuses on the areas where foreign trade barriers most often affect U.S. industry, including:

  • Technical Barriers to Trade, including unfair testing, labeling, or certification requirements,

  • Government Procurement problems,

  • “Border Barriers” such as burdensome customs procedures or import licensing requirements, incorrect valuation or classification of exports, problematic rules of origin or marking requirements, and,

  • Discriminatory Investment requirements.