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Business Matchmaking

Save your valuable time and money finding pre-qualified buyers, distributors, licensees, and other business partners with the assistance of our commercial specialists. Let us locate the most qualified Chilean partners for your company!

Contact Lists 

A list of Chilean companies tailored to your needs can be the first step on your road to success.  We provide the pre-screened list of contacts; you follow up with them directly. Learn more...

Partner Search 

Find qualified Chilean buyers, partners, or agents without incurring the expense of travel.  We will conduct a pre-screened search to identify qualified potential representatives, distributors, licensees, franchisees, or other strategic partners interested in your product or serviceLearn more...

Business Meetings

Prefer the personal approach? Come to Chile for pre-arranged face-to face meetings with qualified potential business partners. Can't travel? Conduct your meetings via video. Learn more...

In-Country Promotions

New to the Chilean market? We can help you introduce your U.S. products and services to Chilean buyers.

Trade Missions

Save time and money by participating in U.S. Commercial Service sponsored trade missions. Trade missions are industry specific or state-organized and target two to four countries per trip. In Chile, we support these delegations providing detailed marketing information, advance planning, meeting arrangements, and publicity.

Trade Events

Promote your products and meet face to face with prospective Chilean business partners at Chilean trade fairs and U.S. trade shows. We provide support to U.S. exhibitors, providing counseling and other assistance to ensure your successful participation.

Trade Leads

View announcements from qualified Chilean companies looking to source U.S. products and services.  All our trade leads are pre-screened by our Commercial Specialists and are provided as a free service to U.S. exporters.  Learn more...