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Contact Us

We stand ready to help you do business in Chile with your U.S. products and services. Please do not hesitate to contact us! For a list by sector, in alphabetical order, please click here. For non-commercial issues, please visit the web site of the U.S. Embassy in Chile

Street Address
U.S. Commercial Service
Embassy of the United States of America
Av. Andres Bello 2800, Las Condes
Santiago, Chile 755-0006
Phone: (56-2) 2330-3316
Fax: (56-2) 2330-3172

Mailing Address
U.S. Commercial Service – Santiago Chile
3460 Santiago Place
Washington, DC 20521-3460
Santiago, Chile 755-0006

Office Email:

Ellen Lenny-Pessagno, Senior Commercial Officer - Tel: (56-2) 2330-3315; Fax: 2330-3172

Matthew Hilgendorf, Commercial Officer - Tel: (56-2) 2330-3315; Fax: 2330-3172

  • Accounting Services (ACT)
  • Employment Services (EMP)
  • Financial Services (FNS)
  • Information Services (INF)
  • Insurance Services (INS)
  • Investment Services (INV)
  • Leasing Services (LES)
  • Management Consulting Services (MCS)

Isabel Margarita Valenzuela, Commercial Specialist - Tel: (56-2) 2330-3421; Fax: 2330-3172

  • Aircraft/Parts (AIR)
  • Airport/Ground Support Equipment (APG)
  • Aviation Services (AVS)
  • Defense Industry Equipment (DFN)
  • Environmental Technologies (POL)
  • Environmental Engineering and Consulting Services (POL)
  • Telecommunications Equipment (TEL)
  • Telecommunications Services (TES)
  • Travel and Tourism Services (TRA)
  • Water Resources and Equipment (WRE)

Mary Lou Lathrop, Commercial Specialist - Tel: (56-2) 2330-3371; Fax: 2330-3172

  • Agricultural Chemicals (AGC)
  • Agricultural Machinery & Equipment (AGM)
  • Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Equipment (ACR)
  • Architectural/Construction/Engineering Services (ACE)
  • Building Products (BLD)
  • Commercial Fishing Equipment (CFE)
  • Commercial Vessels (CVR)
  • Construction Equipment (CON)
  • Food Processing and Packaging Equipment (FPP)
  • Forestry Equipment (FOR)
  • Hotel and Restaurant Equipment (HTL)
  • Marine Fisheries Products (MFI)
  • Materials Handling Equipment (MHM)
  • Packaging Equipment (PKG)
  • Paper & Paperboard (PAP)
  • Plastic Materials/Resins (PMR)
  • Plastic Production Machinery & Supplies (PME)
  • Port and Shipbuilding Equipment (PRT)
  • Pulp/Paper Machinery (PUL)

Veronica Pinto, Commercial Specialist - Tel: (56-2) 2330-3369; Fax: 2330-3172

  • Biotechnology (BTC)
  • Computers/Peripherals (CPT)
  • Computer Services (CSV)
  • Computer Software (CSF)
  • Cosmetics/Toiletries (COS)
  • Dental Equipment (DNT)
  • Drugs/Pharmaceuticals (DRG)
  • Electronic Commerce (ECC)
  • Franchising (FRA)
  • Health Care Services (HCS)
  • Medical Equipment (MED)
  • Security/Safety Equipment (SEC)

Marcelo Orellana, Commercial Specialist - Tel: (56-2) 2330-3455; Fax: 2330-3172

  • Chemical Production Machinery (CHM)
  • Electric Power Supplies (ELP)
  • Industrial Chemicals (ICH)
  • Iron & Steel (IRN)
  • Machine Tools, Metalworking Equipment (MTL)
  • Mining Equipment and Services (MIN)
  • Non-Ferrous Metals/Equipment (NFM)
  • Oil/Gas Equipment & Supplies (OGM)
  • Pump, Valves, Compressors (PVC)
  • Renewable Energy Equipment & Supplies (REA)
  • Tools-Hand Power (TLS)

Macarena Marin, Commercial Assistant - Tel: (56-2) 2330-3311; Fax: 2330-3172

  • Consumer Electronics (CEL)
  • Electronic Components (ELC)
  • Electronics Industry Products/Test Equipment (EIP)
  • Furniture (FUR)
  • General Consumer Goods (including Home Furniture) (GCG)
  • Giftware (GFT)
  • Household Consumer Goods (HCG)
  • Jewelry (JLR)
  • Lawn and Garden Equipment (LGE)
  • Photographic Equipment (PHT)
  • Printing/Graphic Arts Equipment (PGA)
  • Process Control Instrumentation (PCI)

Claudia Melkonian, Commercial Assistant - Tel: (56-2) 2330-3312; Fax: 2330-3172

  • Artwork (ARW)
  • Automotive Parts/Services Equipment (APS)
  • Automobiles/Light Trucks/Vans (AUT)
  • Books and Periodicals (BOK)
  • Laboratory Equipment (LAB)
  • Musical Instruments (MUS)
  • Pet Accessories (PET)
  • Pleasure Boats and Accessories (PLB)
  • Railroad Equipment (RRE)
  • Regulations: Standards, Customs, Taxes (ZRG)
  • Sporting Goods and Recreational Equipment (SPT)
  • Toys and Games (TOY)
  • Trucks/Trailers/Buses (TRK)
  • Veterinary Medicine Equipment/Supplies (VET)

Valerie Henderson, Commercial Assistant - Tel: (56-2) 2330-3316; Fax: 2330-3172

  • Advertising Services (ADV)
  • Apparel (APP)
  • Audio Visual Equipment (AUV)
  • Education and Training Services (EDS)
  • Films/Videos/Recordings (FLM)
  • Leather/Fur Products (LFP)
  • Textile Fabrics (TXF)
  • Textile Machinery/Equipment (TXM)
  • Textile Made-Up Products (TXP)

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