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Internship Opportunities

Internship with the U.S. Commercial Service!

We are an experienced, leading edge, worldwide organization that helps American firms meet the challenges of the global economy. The Sacramento U.S. Export Assistance Center is always looking for bright and energetic individuals to join our internship team. This is a volunteer internship opportunity.

The US Commercial Service has over 100 offices in the United States and over 150 overseas. Our goal is to promote the growth of U.S. trade on a global basis through the development and delivery of marketing and promotion services to American manufacturers, distributors and service providers.

We offer students a year-round volunteer internship program to gain invaluable practical business experience in the field of international trade. A keen ability to understand the international business environment and global geography is essential. Foreign travel, studies and language add important dimensions to applicants. This office is highly automated with access to international databases, the internet and an advanced telecommunications network. Numerous opportunities will be available to interact with California businesses. After successful completion of the internship, one may be nominated to intern at an overseas’ post.

Daily Intern Activities:

International Trade Interns become involved in the daily operational aspects of managing a high-activity office. Projects range from coordinating market research to counseling foreign buyers seeking U.S. sources of products and services. Interns support the director and trade specialists with planning international strategies for Northern California businesses. Interns will also assist with trade seminar development, trade show certification and current international projects, as well as assist walk-in visitors, handle telephone calls, light clerical and administrative support duties. The interns will also learn to use and manage the U.S. Commercial Service’s commercial information database and intranet systems. The systems’ highly detailed economic trend and market analysis helps exporters identify and assess their potential overseas markets. Once interns have experience, they also will have the opportunity to develop export marketing and sales strategies with the goal of identifying established channels of distribution and penetrating new world markets with local businesses.

Internship Eligibility:

Students must be U.S. Citizens. International trade interns are chosen through a highly selective process. It is imperative that one is able to communicate in a professional environment, be enthusiastic, and willing to learn. The minimum time commitment for the U.S. Export Assistance Center is six (6) months with 16 hours per week. Finally, with successful completion of the domestic U.S. internship program, top interns may be nominated to apply for internships at U.S. embassies and consulates worldwide.

This is a volunteer internship opportunity.

Major areas of study:

All business majors, Economics, Political Science, Public Administration, Law, International Relations, Marketing, Foreign Language, Communications, Sociology, Geography, Anthropology, and History majors are encouraged to apply. Any major is appropriate if students want to learn how to market and sell US products in overseas markets.

University Credit Available!

Contact Information:

George Tastard, Director

U.S. Commercial Service – Sacramento

1410 Ethan Way, Suite 131N

Sacramento, CA 95825, USA

Tel: 916-566-7170


Show your interest by e-mailing your resume and cover letter.