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Webinars on the Basics of Exporting

Cover of the Basic Guide to Exporting NEI

National Export Initiative

Learn how your company can tap into the Global Marketplace! As part of the National Export Initiative, the Commerce Department’s Trade Information Center is offering a series of webinars on the basics of exporting.

These webinars have been specially designed to meet the needs of new exporters, and provide transaction-specific guidance on more technical matters. Each webinar will begin at 2:00 p.m. Eastern, and will last one hour. A nominal fee of $15 will cover slides, live audio, and question and answer session. Content is delivered

via computer and will be led by experts in their field.

New 2012-2013 Webinars on the Basics of Exporting!

  • How to Create an Export Compliance Program (April 3): This webinar will provide an introductory overview on how to create an effective export compliance program.
  • How to Determine HS Codes, Calculate Duties and Taxes (May 1): After participating in the webinar you'll be able to find your Harmonized Code number and calculate landed costs for your buyer. The event is for companies new to exporting or staff new to supporting export activities.
  • Satisfying International Product Certification Requirements (June 5): Products tested and certified in the United States to American standards may have to be retested and re-certified in other markets. Learn when this is the case, and how to verify and comply with foreign standards/certification requirements.
  • Understanding Certificates of Free Sales & Export Health Certificates (July 16): Certificates of Free Sale and Export Health Certificates are two common export documents required when exporting live animals, food, drugs, and sometimes medical or veterinary equipment. Issued by the FDA, USDA, or State Ag offices, this webinar will teach you about where to turn within each of these departments to help you certify your products for export.

Find Previously Recorded webinars on these and other Topics!!

View past programs in our Webinar Archive Library.

For more information, please contact Linda Abbruzzese (202-482-3787; or

Doug Barry (202-482-4422;