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Starting Your Own Business


July 08, 2014|02:00pm - 05:00pm EDT


100 Middle St. 2nd Floor
Portland, ME, United States
Starting your own business? This workshop offers essential information to help you succeed.

This workshop covers the basics of assessing your business plans and ideas. Topics include sources of funding, basic operation planning, business structure, and marketing guidelines to start your own business.

Being in business on your own is an American dream. Small business Start-Ups have been increasing every year. More small businesses will probably be started in this decade and the next than in the entire history of the U. S.

Most Start-Up businesses don't make the grade and fail within the first three years. This workshop gives you an overview of what it takes to get a new business started. We review business plans and many of the details involved in how to start a business. If being in business on your own is your goal, this workshop is for you!
(207) 772-1147

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