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Appraisal Requirements for Farm Ownership Loans
This RIN has been merged into new RIN 0560-AI14. This proposed amendment will provide that, for a loan that is not a Farm Ownership Loan, evaluation of the rights to any associated oil, gas, and minerals will not be required for the appraisal to be considered adequate. Conversely, any and all oil, gas, and mineral rights attached to any real estate property being offered as security for a Farm Ownership Loan will be required to be evaluated in any real estate appraisal obtained by FSA in connection with the loan decision. Failure to include oil, gas, and minerals in the appraisal for a loan that is not a Farm Ownership Loan will in no way impair the Agency's ability to obtain our rights associated with a mortgage, deed of trust, or other security interest in such oil, gas, and minerals.
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