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Texas Small Business Expands Sales Overseas With Ex-Im Bank's Insurance Policy
Wed, 2012-04-11 15:15

Exporter: Fritz-Pak Corporation – Mesquite, Texas
Destination: Canada, Germany, and Italy
Ex-Im Bank Product: Export Sales: 40% of sales
Jobs Sustained: 2, planning to increase staff

Fritz-Pak Corporation in Mesquite, TX manufactures and sells concrete admixtures. A minority-owned small business established in 1998, Fritz-Pak proudly displays "Made in the USA" on every box it delivers. Fritz-Pak Corporation has been exporting for over a decade, but recently the company needed assistance to expand sales into new markets.

In 2011, Ex-Im Bank approved a $200,000 small business multi-buyer insurance policy for Fritz-Pak. As a result, the company has expanded into India, Russia, Taiwan, China, and South Africa. By increasing its international sales, the company was able to avoid seasonal lay-offs and keep its full production crew even through the winter. Fritz-Pak foresees increasing the production and office staff to accommodate the additional sales going forward.

"Exporting as a small business has always been a risky proposition; even more so in today's financially unstable global economy," said David Ojeda, VP of Operations. "With Ex-Im Bank, I have the peace of mind to expand my business as much as possible while mitigating many of the risks associated with international transactions."