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Texan Exporter Grows Sales Worldwide With Ex-Im Bank Working Capital
Wed, 2012-04-11 15:15

Exporter: Quantum Reservoir Impacts - Houston, Texas
Destination: Worldwide
Ex-Im Bank Product: Working Capital Lender Loan Guarantee of $16.65 million
Jobs Supported: 100
Lender: Amegy Bank National Association

The Quantum Reservoir Impacts (QRI) Company, based in Houston, Texas, exports reservoir management equipment and services. They also provide engineering consulting services to help companies achieve higher hydrocarbon recoveries, greater production performance, improved efficacy of capital programs, and the delivery of superior environmental policies.

With a $16.65 million working capital lender loan guarantee from the Ex-Im Bank, approved in September, 2011, QRI has been able to provide reservoir management consulting, and ancillary equipment and services to Pemex in Mexico and to the Kuwaiti National Oil Company. QRI expects to take on additional employees with this extra capital - continuing the steady growth it has already experienced.

"It is difficult if not impossible for new ventures like QRI to get adequate funding and that's why I say we are indebted to the Ex-Im Bank. Without them there would be no QRI," said Dr. Saleri, President and CEO of Quantum Reservoir Impacts. "Over the last four years QRI has grown from just a small group of six to a network of over one hundred, and Ex-Im Bank has allowed us to continue that type of extensive growth."