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Kelley’s Country Creamery Receives Value-Added Producer Grant award
Sun, 2013-08-11 14:45

The national early morning show, Good Morning America (GMA) wanted to know what America’s favorite thing about summer is, so they asked viewers and the overwhelming response was getting ice cream with family and friends. As a result, GMA decided to find and showcase America’s Best Ice Cream.

A favorite place for many Wisconsin residents is Kelley’s Country Creamery located in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. The business was one of three ice cream shops selected and featured as “America’s Best Ice Cream” on the ABC early morning talk show, Good Morning America. Kelley’s Country Creamery is a 150-year-old family dairy and farmstead operated by Karen and Tim Kelley, and their children – Amie, Betsy, Heidi, Molly, and Clark. The family operates a 200-acre farmstead dairy and tend the 65 Holsteins that provide the milk for the Creamery.

In 2008, Karen and Tim Kelley received a Value-Added Producer Grant from USDA Rural Development to conduct a feasibility study on the production and marketing of their family’s homemade ice cream and for the development of a business plan of an onsite creamery. Three years later, Kelley’s Country Creamery was open for business. The company later received a second Value-Added Producer Grant award that provided them with additional working capital, which allowed them to sell ice cream to local markets and restaurants. The Creamery has more than 200 different flavors, with 22 available daily. In addition, the creamery makes and sells ice cream cakes, pies, cheese, and “kurds.”