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Expanding For J's Sales Network Through Exporting
Accommodation and Food Services
For J's Hawaii, Inc. was founded in June of 2001 on the island of Oahu. Along with its initial product offering, Poi Puff Mix, the company manufactures gourmet flavor-infused sea salts and cane sugars using a patented process called SavorBlast. The company currently employs 5 people. For J’s Hawaii’s management witnessed the growth in popularity of their products locally and wanted to expand overseas. Management was faced with the challenge of understanding the process to export their products outside of the country. The company was aware that it would have to research new markets, contract with foreign distributors, adapt pricing, and build relationships, but did not know how to go about accomplishing these tasks. HTDC-MEP, a NIST MEP network affiliate, was brought in to help the management team gain a better understanding of the exporting process and to get For J's exporting. For J’s Hawaii President, Janis Tanga, attended a series of workshop classes hosted by HTDC-MEP that focused solely on exporting. This exporting workshop series was based on the NIST MEP ExporTech program, and the structure was adapted to meet the needs of companies in Hawaii. This series of workshops lasted for a month and covered all of the topics necessary to exporting your product. Through these workshops, For J's was able to network with professionals skilled in exporting and build relationships with distributors abroad. The HTDC-MEP exporting workshop helped the company gain knowledge of product adaption, engineering, redesign, branding, labeling, and packaging, as well as the understanding of the general exporting process. Results: Revenue growth of 25%. Products exported to Japan. Products soon exported to China. “Having the opportunity to learn more about exporting regulations helped me understand how to expand my business abroad.  For J’s Hawaii now has a strong exporting presence and we forecast additional growth in our upcoming quarters.” Janis Tanga, Owner For more information, contact a nearby NIS MEP affiliate.