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Ex-Im’s “Fast Track” Product Worked Quickly to Close Tunnel Equipment Deals
Mon, 2012-04-30 11:15

Exporter: The Robbins Company - Solon, OH
Destination: Mexico City and India
Export Sales: $72 million
Jobs Supported: 100 per project

The Robbins Company of Solon, Ohio, which designs and services tunnel boring, hydroelectric, sewer rehabilitation and irrigation machinery, has used Ex-Im Bank’s support for two major sales. In 2009, Ex-Im Bank guaranteed a $47 million working capital facility to support Robbins equipment exports for the drilling of 39 miles of sewer tunnels in Mexico City. Prior, this 250-employee manufacturer also benefited from a $25 million Ex-Im Bank-backed loan facility from Wells Fargo HSBC Trade Bank to export its machines to India for a project supplying potable water to 516 villages.

“Ex-Im Bank’s working capital guarantees enabled us obtain large loans in minimal time to meet major contracts in India and Mexico,” said James Virost, Robbins CFO.

Under Ex-Im Bank's "Fast Track" application processing system, experienced lenders can provide small and medium-sized U.S. exporters with expedited Ex-Im Bank-guaranteed working capital loans -- between $10 million and $25 million -- with a total aggregate limit of $300 million per lender.