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Company Moves Operations Back from China and Creates More U.S. Jobs
Mon, 2012-02-06 14:45

ServerLIFT is a high-tech company in Phoenix, Arizona that specializes in the manufacture of lifts for transporting and sustaining data center servers. The company was founded in 2002 in response to a growing demand for a safe and efficient way for staff to handle servers and other IT equipment in the data center.

This company originally manufactured in China and recently moved operations back to the U.S. resulting in doubling the number of its U.S. employees. They received a $250,000 Express Insurance policy from Ex-Im Bank in June, 2011, with approved foreign buyers in Ireland and Turkey. This new financing product was developed specifically for qualified small businesses. It features a streamlined application and both a policy quotation and two foreign-buyer credit indications up to $300,000 within five business days. ServerLIFT can now seek new business by extending terms to international buyers via Express Insurance.

"The Bank's support gives us the credibility that we need to pursue foreign buyers," said Ray Zuckerman, CEO of ServerLIFT. "Extending credit makes us more attractive to our customers and allows us to sell to larger companies."