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State Trademark Information LinksTo acquire trademark and/or service mark registration at the state level, applicants must file an application with the trademark office of the specific state in which protection is sought. For information about state registration requirements, applicants must contact the individual state trademark office. State: Website Address: Alabama: Alaska: Arizona: Arkansas: California: Colorado: Connecticut: Delaware: District of Columbia: Use of a mark solely within the District of Columbia qualifies for federal registration. There is no D.C. trademark law. The District's trade name registry can be found at: Florida: Georgia: Hawaii: Idaho: Illinois: Indiana: Iowa: Kansas: Kentucky: Louisiana: Application for Registration of Mark (PDF 42kb): Maine: Maryland: Massachusetts: Michigan:,1607,7-154-35299_35413_35431---,00.html Minnesota: Mississippi: Missouri: Montana: Nebraska: Nevada: New Hampshire: New Jersey: New Mexico: New York: North Carolina: North Dakota: Ohio: Oklahoma: Oregon: Oregon Trade and Service Mark law: Pennsylvania: Rhode Island: South Carolina: South Dakota: Tennessee: Texas: Utah: Vermont: Virginia: Washington: West Virginia: Wisconsin: Wyoming: Wyoming Trademark and Service Mark Law: Puerto Rico: (in Spanish) State Trademark Information Links

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