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University Center Economic Development Program

The Economic Development Administration's University Center Economic Development Program provides competitive grants to institutions of higher education, or consortia of higher education, to establish University Centers. These EDA-funded University Centers conduct applied research, provide technical assistance to public and private sector organizations, and conduct other activities with the goal of enhancing regional economic development. Institutions of higher education have many assets that can help address regional economic problems and opportunities such as faculty, staff, students, libraries, laboratories, facilities, and computer systems. The University Centers offer a full range of services tailored appropriately to their region's needs and each sponsoring institution's (or consortium's) strengths. University Center business solutions include basic and applied research, market research, feasibility studies, product development, strategic and financial planning, seminars and training, and management consultations. These services enhance business productivity, streamline operations, increase quality and cut costs. Many University Centers concentrate on particular industry sectors. Due to the variety of specialized services provided by the current 59 University Centers, businesses, non-profits and units of local government can find out more about specific eligibility requirements directly from the University Centers. The University Centers offer a full range of services, some services are at no charge and others have varying fees. To find out more about specific programs and fees in your area, please visit EDA's University Centers Directory . In addition, businesses can contact their EDA regional office for support in attaining assistance from the University Centers.

Accredited institutions of higher education and consortia of accredited institutions within EDA regions that are holding University Center competitions within a particular Fiscal Year.
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