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Subsidies Enforcement Assistance

The Subsidies Enforcement Office (SEO) provides businesses with advocacy services, information, and counseling on foreign government subsidy practices and is responsible for coordinating multilateral subsidies enforcement efforts. A subsidy exists if (1) a financial contribution is made by a government or public body and (2) a benefit is received by a company. Trade rules permit remedies when subsidies are "specific" (i.e., provided to a limited number of companies, such as all exporters) and have caused adverse trade effects. The SEO monitors and evaluates foreign subsidy practices that may adversely affect U.S. companies' export efforts. The SEO provides assistance to any U.S. company that has concerns with subsidization of foreign competitors. The SEO can evaluate the subsidy in relation to U.S. and multilateral trade rules to determine what remedial action might be taken to offset the subsidy to ensure that U.S. companies are competing in a fair international trading system. As part of its monitoring efforts of subsidization of foreign competitors, the SEO has created a Subsidies Library which is available to the public via Internet at Interested firms can contact Christopher Cassel at 202-482-5414 or . For more information about the Subsidies Enforcement Office, visit: Helpful resources are below: Subsidies Enforcement Office Subsidies Library. For more information about the International Trade Administration, visit: Follow this link for contact information:

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International Trade Administration

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