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Proud to Manufacture in Michigan

Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (MMTC) announced the creation of a new “Proud to Manufacture in Michigan” program for state manufacturers. The program’s goal is to showcase Michigan’s manufacturers along with their products and highlight the contributions of the manufacturing community to the public. The program additionally provides social media resources for manufacturers to network and discuss industry issues.

“Michigan’s manufacturers play a crucial role in our state’s economic development. The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) reports that the sector accounts for nearly 16 percent of the state’s total output and employs 12.3 percent of Michigan’s workforce. Furthermore, exported goods support nearly 270,000 Michigan jobs across all sectors,” says Mike Coast, President of MMTC.

As part of the program, MMTC now dedicates a section of its website to “Proud to Manufacture in Michigan” and has created an online directory for manufacturers and their products. State manufacturers can sign up for free to get a company profile page where they can share their logo, description, contact information, company news and pictures or videos of their products.

At no cost, participants also receive an official “Proud to Manufacture in Michigan” certificate and poster to display in their facilities and the program logo to exhibit on their websites. Program members additionally receive an exclusive “Proud to Manufacture in Michigan” newsletter with industry news and program updates.

To provide further support, MMTC has also launched “Proud to Manufacture in Michigan” social media sites for program participants. The LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter platforms will serve as online resources where followers can network, ask questions and stay alert on industry news. MMTC also created a “Proud to Manufacture in Michigan” blog on its website to provide subscribers with tips on how to become more profitable and competitive. A special “Featured Manufacturer of the Week” will also be highlighted on the website and social media sites.

The official program comes as a subset of the “Proud to Manufacture in Michigan” campaign that MMTC launched last year. MMTC provided interested manufacturers with a poster to display in their offices and created the first annual Proud to Manufacture in Michigan Conference and Celebration which will be held this August 15th and 16th. Manufacturers responded with overwhelmingly positive feedback towards the campaign, leading to the launch of the program.

“Manufacturers can use the program as a tool to gain exposure and improve their businesses at no cost. Companies looking for suppliers and the general public can use the online directory to research Michigan-made products and support or state’s economy. It’s a win-win situation,” adds Coast.

MMTC is a private, nonprofit organization under the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) MEP. MMTC helps Michigan’s small and medium-sized businesses compete and grow. The state program supports the “Make it in America” program at the national level through NIST MEP. Michigan joins states such as New Jersey, California and Indiana in launching a “Made in your State” program, an initiative originally created by inbound marketing firm Grass Roots Marketing, Inc.

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