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Developing Country Structured Loan

Overseas Private Investment Corporation financing provides medium- to long-term funding through direct loans and loan guarantees to eligible investment projects in developing countries and emerging markets. By complementing the private sector, OPIC can provide financing in countries where conventional financial institutions often are reluctant or unable to lend on such a basis. OPIC's structured financing focuses on U.S. businesses with annual revenues over $250 million and supports large-scale projects that require large amounts of capital, such as infrastructure, telecommunications, power, water, housing, airports, hotels, high-tech, financial services, and natural resource extraction industries. OPIC can also provide long-term working capital and multiple-year capital expenditure programs. The amount of capital needed for any project may be greater than one financial institution can provide on its own due to per-project limits or diversification guidelines. As a result, OPIC works with other co-lenders, when necessary, to bring sufficient resources to a given project. Follow this link for contact information:

OPIC programs support long-term direct investments in developing countries and emerging markets. OPIC support is available for new investments, expansions and modernizations of existing plants, and privatizations. Acquisitions of existing operations are also eligible for financing if the investor contributes additional capital for modernization and/or expansion. For more information, see our eligibility checklist.
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