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Reshoring Initiative

The Reshoring Initiative, founded by Harry Moser in 2010, is an industry-led effort to bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States. The initiative works with U.S. manufacturers to help them recognize their profit potential as well as the critical role they play in strengthening the economy by utilizing local sourcing and production.

American companies often don't consider all of the costs involved in sending their manufacturing offshore, such as inventory carrying costs, traveling costs to check on suppliers, intellectual property risks and opportunity costs from product pipelines being too long.

The Reshoring Initiative takes direct action by helping U.S. manufacturers realize that local production and sourcing often reduce their total cost of ownership of purchased parts and tooling. The Initiative also trains suppliers to demonstrate to these manufacturers the economic advantages of local sourcing. Through reshoring, manufacturing in the United States is starting to gain momentum. Companies such as NCR and General Electric are already repatriating some of their manufacturing. And the Reshoring Initiative will continue its "return-manufacturing-home" message until all U.S. manufacturers are making objective sourcing decisions and thus realize America is increasingly the place to produce and source goods to supply the U.S. market.

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