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Email Marketing: Simple Strategies for Success

Email Marketing: Simple Strategies for Success


May 20th, 2014 to May 20th, 2014
10:00am - 12:00pm


2 International Plaza Dr.
Suite 500 Nashville, TN 37217

Email is the most cost-effective, targeted, trackable, and efficient way to build and maintain relationships in all types of business and organizations. This session will teach you how to master email marketing communications with a comprehensive look at best practices and winning strategies that lead to increased profits, revenue and engagement.
This information-packed seminar will demonstrate how email marketing – the hands-on, low-cost marketing tool – can really help drive business success.

Participants will have plenty of time to ask questions, share experiences, and network with peers. And they’ll leave with real-world insights and knowledge that they can put to work immediately to help their business succeed.

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