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Getting Started Online

Getting Started Online


May 06th, 2014 to May 06th, 2014
05:30pm - 08:30pm


16 Clement St
Dion Center Board Room Nashua, NH 03060

This workshop will lead the participants through as series of questions that will help them prepare their small business's online presence. The questions are: •Can I do it myself?
•How much does it cost?
•Is there a free site I can use?
•How much time should I expect to spend?
•How do I use Google Places?
•In which Internet Directories should I list?
•What about FaceBook and LinkedIn?
•What questions should I ask before I hire a Web Site Developer?
This workshop is a survey of tools and techniques available. It is not a step by step or hands on approach to creating and maintaining an Internet presence.

Learn More: http://www/
Contact: Dick Demaine
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