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What Are Your Customers Saying About You?
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May 06th, 2014|04:00pm - 06:00pm EST


158 Finney Blvd.
Malone, NY 12953, United States
The most mysterious phrase in all of business is, "Customer Service". We all know how important it is, yet most businesses fail to perform well in customer service. Many times the work and the systems in the business take priority over the customer's wants and needs. Thus, the business suffers because the customers don't come back, even though these great systems still exist. Where does real customer service originate from and who sustains it? This workshop is designed to give an existing business owner, or a soon-to-be business owner, insight into discovering their customer and their customer's needs and delivering what they want.
Contact: North Country SBDC
(518) 564-2042

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