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Using Social Media to Grow Your Business

Using Social Media to Grow Your Business


May 29th, 2014 to May 29th, 2014
07:00pm - 08:30pm


815 West 1250 South Room 110 Orem, UT 84058

"If you’re NOT online, you’re NOT in business”. Among all the things a business owner faces, developing an online presence is essential, but often it becomes a guessing game as to how to go about it. There are many channels, and several different messages you could be sending; choosing the correct channel and correct message can be a challenge. We're talking specifics, so come prepared to talk about your business and who is your customer base.

Speaker(s): Angela de la Cruz of Curbside Social will discuss how you should be using social media to promote your business and what "being relevant" even means.

Contact: Vira Bahr
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