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Everything About Water 2014

Jan 13th-16th | 8:00pm-8pm 2014

Everything About Water 2014

Over 30 percent of India's industrial units produce sizeable quantities of pollutants. The Government of India has classified 17 industrial sectors as strong pollutants. India's pollution control equipment industry is growing at 10-12 percent annually, largely because of government initiatives and a proactive judiciary. Local production is mainly into standard, relatively low-tech equipment. Over thirty percent of market demand is met by imports. Most of the leading international companies operate in India now. Water is the most promising sub-sector. India's water and wastewater market has grown at a compounded annual growth rate of 14% from 2000-2010. The business is almost equally split between the government and the private sector, but the industrial sector is growing at a higher rate than that of the municipal sector. T power, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, refineries and textiles are generating immense opportunities in the water and wastewater treatment equipment market. These industries prefer advanced treatment technological systems such as reverse osmosis membranes for treating their wastewater and their growth is expected to drive equipment sales. The municipal water and wastewater treatment is gaining importance, as the usage of disinfection systems such as ultraviolet, ozone, and electro chlorination is minimal in municipal water treatment plants at present. The market knowledge and skill has been increasing in recent times. The concept of wastewater recycling and zero discharge systems is growing in a big way in recent times.

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