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Healthcare Education Mission

Jan 26th-27th | 8:00pm-8pm 2014

Healthcare Education Mission

The Indian healthcare industry is expected to reach US$ 280 billion by 2020, driven by increasing demand for specialized and quality healthcare facilities. The Indian pharmaceuticals market is expected to grow to $ 55 billion in 2020 resulting in extensive employment opportunities in the Indian pharmaceutical industry. The Indian healthcare sector is witnessing robust growth, which calls for adequate reforms in current healthcare education to deliver a trained taskforce matching the market needs.

Healthcare education in India seldom addresses topics such as regulatory norms, ethics compliance, entrepreneur skills and does not focus on creating an innovation-oriented educational environment and research facilities all of which has direct impact on healthcare delivery. In India, healthcare delivery and medical education have largely been governmental functions and despite its best efforts, the government has not been able to provide medical education to keep up with the advancements in the sector.

India has some top quality medical institutes that provide quality education and a huge number of professionals are added to the sector every year, yet there is a huge unmet demand for quality and well-trained professionals.

The mission will be open to regionally accredited United States education institutions at the four year undergraduate level and at the graduate level that wish to either attract students to the United States or meet with potential partners for collaboration in India. The mission will be an opportunity for participants to meet with policy makers, visit institutions imparting healthcare education and healthcare facilities, to get acquainted with the functioning of hospitals in India and the varied standards of healthcare delivery. The mission participants will have one-on-one meetings with medical colleges, dental colleges, pharmacy colleges, nursing colleges, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and interactions with students pursuing various streams of healthcare education.
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