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Commisions high-risk, high-reward research for the Department of Defense, in order to prevent strategic surprise for the U.S. while creating strategic surprise for U.S. adversaries
Supports high-potential, high-impact energy technologies which are too early for private-sector investments
Federal agencies with extramural R&D budgets exceeding $100M are required to allocate 2.5% of their R&D budget to awards to small businesses with federally relevant and commercializable technology
SBA supervises five federal agencies (rotating annually) which support SBs' tech. commercialization efforts by funding their collaboration with research institutions
Funds counseling, training and tech. assistance programs provided by education institutions to SB owners
Incentive: The Native American Business Enterprise Center (NABEC) program provides business assistance services to eligible Native American and minority business enterprise (MBE) firms. Target clients are firms with $500,000 or more in annual...



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